Can someone create me a working map file for Zolder? Please.

My File doesnt work on the System... [frown]
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I don't have a map of Zolder but the link below contains a guide on creating AliveDrive maps.



Cosworth Support
Cosworth Electronics 


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thanks for the quick response.

i followed this guide to create my .map.gpx. i added my files (kmz, kml and the .map.gpx) in the zip file.

I tried this for some tracks, but i doesnt work with my created maps. When i use .map.gpx from a friend, it works.

Is there a problem with format settings on my laptop? It is setup for the german language. And there is no way to check the map file before.  The Pi Map creater says: Build sucessfull.

We are not happy with aliveDrive at the moment...

There could be a database with the most popular circuits in europe, or so.
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Okay i find a solution,

or better i found the bug in the software.

I had to switch the computer settings to Englisch time and number formats.


Yes it sounds like a bad joke... The program work only with englich or equal number formats. [crazy]

Please add this to the guide or correct this bug.
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