In Pi Toolset there are options for Bluetooth and WiFi telemetry. I have only used the cable approach with an Ethernet cable to connector to our 2015 Porsche 911 Cup cars.


Everything is factory-installed. How do I know if I have wireless abilities in our cars? Or do I have to purchase some wireless options? Or is it not possible?
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This connectivity is not with respect to telemetry. This is simply the way in which ToolSet is communicating with the active device.

The cars will not have any form of wireless (WiFi) connectivity.

What some teams may do is connect the download lead to a wireless dongle when the car is in the garage. This allows an engineer to connect to the car from anywhere in the garage. It will not give you telemetry functionality on a track. It just replaces the need for the download cable.

Note: Having multiple people connected to the car can cause issues so teams would need to be strict with connectivity. Also, unsecured WiFi from the car leaves the team open to competitors being able to connect to your car - set up appropriate security on the wireless network if this is your intention.

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