I am trying to workout wireless download of a car. Not for telemetry use, but in pit lane. I have tired a number of routers powered to the car, but have had no luck making the coms on the computer once it is connected to the cars wifi network. 

Any ideas?
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I have only had luck doing this on windows xp machines only nothing using a newer operating system than XP due to the IPV6 protocol being added after that.

I have tricked it though and I am now using Ubiquity APs (1 in car and on connected through switch to my computer) and this is a "wired" wireless as I like to call it.

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Hi Alex

Have you updated your network settings in ToolSet to use the wireless connection on your PC instead of ethernet?
Settings > Network > [Wi-Fi Adaptor] // "Use Selected Adaptor"

We have many customers using wireless offload on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 10 so are confident in the compatibility.

Cosworth Support
Cosworth Electronics 

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Does it work?
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