I have wired 4 wheel speed sensors directly into my ICD and need to calibrate the inputs in Toolset.

I noticed there is a dedicated "Wheelspeeds" app where I can allocate a digital input and specify tire diameter, sensor type and number of triggers - however, I have found that I can also configure digital inputs in the "Sensors" app.

Do I need to calibrate my sensors in both locations? Or is it sufficient to configure the sensors in the "Wheelspeeds" app only?

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Depending on what you want to do with the input.

If you want to use Wheel Speed sensors the best method is to go straight to the Wheelspeed node and configure the sensors there. You will get a choice of how you'd like to calculate the system Speed and Distance channels - important if you'd like consistent overlay data in Pi Toolbox. The Wheelspeed node will work directly with the digital inputs so it is not necessary to use a Sensor.

If on the other hand you need to connect a rotational sensor for say Engine Speed or Turbo Speed then you will need to configure the digital input for a Sensor. In this instance you will need to attach a digital input sensor to that input, configure the number of pulses per revolution and the Sensor will then produce an RPM channel. Of course it would also be possible to use this individual sensor approach if you wanted to write a different mathmatical calculation for Distance, for example in a motorcycle you may want to correct the wheel speed for lean angle before calculating distance.
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