ECU: SQ6M , V11.24.0.1 Turbo
Engine: Custom K20 Turbo
Trigger: Crank 36-2 / Cam 4-1

I have a problem with the VCAM closed loop function. Above the Closed loop activation RPM
the system status switch from "Open loop" to "Closed loop", but 0.5s later back to "Open loop"
and so on... Open-Close-open-close…..
The Engine Sync correct +720° no other faults.
The Cam Latch and offsets works fine Clean 135° on Datalist inVCamAngle.
In the short time I see in Closed loop the inVCamError shows the correct value,
and the vvt valve switch to Base Closed Loop value.

I have tested with div. Temperatur/RPM on/off Parameters.

We Test currently with a Cam/Crank trigger test system, not on real Running engine.

Any idea what is the reason? 

Thanks for your help.
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  Also you say you are bench testing, so as there is no moving camshaft is your Target set to 135deg, if the target is set otherwise the ecu see error in target and fail. Also is your output defined, setup, and is the valve connected, if the output isn't setup or is showing a fault then the system can't function.  I would save this for a running engine. Also what is your logging rate, screen update is usually about 10hz, so the ecu could be loosing the position, you need to logging not just viewing the screen.
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It's right, no moving camshaft, i tested with different Targets 110,135,145.... the same result. defined, setup, valve connected -> yes.
Today i see we have the same problem on wastegate valve. Now mor informations that explain the problem:

Log output on running system:
Signaling: red = Crank
                 blue = Cam
                 black = Wastegate
                 green = Injection

No closed Loop on wastegate Control

The wastegate signal switch between  Enabled -> PWM 50% / 25Hz ,  Disabled -> PWM 100%
This picture is the same to ~2800rpm , then the wastegate signal switching uncontrolled without a muster.
For me it looks like the MPC processor outputs a clean PWM signal and the FPGA switch the Output ON,OFF.
But what can make this reason?
 Signal1.jpg  Signal2.jpg 
2 Pictures from Datalist  Enabled , Disabled state

DatalistE.jpg  DatalistD.jpg 

Thanks for your help
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