Hi All,

I have an ICD dash here that will not load a setup or store any changes to dash. Have comms, checks tx/rx Ok can download and modify setup and can read from active device. when sending setup to dash status bar stops at "deleting existing setup" and Toolset software hangs. Cycle power to dash,software acknowledges comms lost.
does anyone have any advice or something we can try?
Toolset version 4.6 build 1738 update 5 installed.

any assistance appreciated.

Ash deleting existing error.PNG 


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Hi Ash

It could be that you have a firewall active or antivirus software that is causing this issue. If you use a third-party antivirus system such as Norton or McAfee, I would suggest temporarily disabling this to test whether you can send your setup with the antivirus off.

The windows firewall can be disabled from within: Control Panel > Windows Firewall.

Any third-party antivirus software will usually have a shortcut on your desktop or an icon on the right of the start bar next to where the time and date are shown. If you open this you can usually find an option to temporarily disable it for 15 minutes. I would suggest using this first before disabling it permanently, otherwise you might forget to turn it back on.

Kind Regards

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Hi Elliott, 100% right. We eventually found it. Disabled AVG and communication no problem. Must have been blocking PC ethernet port.
Thanks for the response.

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