Hi Cosworth. We have recently purchased a 2013 991 Cup with upgraded PCUP ICD.

When plugged in the ICD appears but they do not have any data files to download. I have reinstalled it a few times etc.

The strange thing is our 2014 Cup with the locked ICD can easily have data downloaded.

Please help as we are going into back to back race weekends.
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Hi D911,
which toolset version are you using? Have you successfully established communication with the ICD?
Can you send setups?
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Im using the latest version.

I can communicate with the dash, when i click activate i do not see any data.

The IPS returns data but gives me an error when i try download them.

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Hi Deeren,

I have sent you a link to the Porsche software via email to load onto your system as I believe it is out of date.

Please let us know if this is helps?

Best Regards,
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