Hello, I am having an interesting issue with Toolbox regarding math chanels.

I have a chanel wich has had a wrong formula. I have adjusted it but it still calculates with the old formula.
I have tried it with a test chanel and it is OK then.

If I delete all math chanels, close Toolbox and laptop and restart, I have the same issue. If I generate the math chanel with the old name (event without having it now somewhere in a graph or report) it still has directly the old settings and wrong result.

Does anyone know if Toolbox has some sort of memory for chanel names used before?

Thank you!
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Hi, there are 3 versions of Toolbox, can you please state which one you are having difficulties with.  There is 32bit up to Toolbox 7.x, 64bit Toolbox 9 and Cosworth Toolbox which is used with Alive Drive.   can you also post the maths channel you are having difficulties with??

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Well, long nights are sometimes worth the effort.
It was my fault - I have had offseted the chanel to have it zero during the pits but this value is caried over.
Found it out when I have entered a constant in the math chanel and it was showing a different value.

Lessons learned: no offseting of math chanels. Just zero the logged chanel and everything works fine. 
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