If the vehicle is longer in standby. And I connect the first time with Toolset. Toolset wants to correct the time.
Does anyone have an idea why?

Is there somewhere a battery installed, which may be empty?

THX, Ron

ECU - Omega L2
Pectel SQ6

Car: Formel Renault 2.0

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        I am not familiar with L2, but it could be that it is satellite to the SQ6. Do you have EOT, the tool for downloading logging from the ECU itself, all ecu's have logging.  IF no there is a category here to do so.   Connect to the ecu itself to check the logging. You can then check Hardware, Set time, the time should be current, if not it will be something around year 2000.  Here you can reset the time to current time.  Power down the system for about 30 mins and check if the time has changed. IF so you the internal battery for the time clock is at the end of it's life.   If not, just to be sure, power down for a long as possible, 1 or 2 days, and check again.   The ECU has an internal time clock that relies on a non re-chargeable battery which has a life of Approx 5 years.   This battery should be serviced by Cosworth. 

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hi @littleozfella,

I think it´s the last one. Sorry, but do someone have an address in germany or from europe services for ECU?
best regards,

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littleozfella   is the man to contact..

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