Hi, I'm just wondering what the pros and cons are in terms of specs and pricing of an SQ7DI solution as opposed to an SQ6 with IDU?
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The IDU is a cost effective way of upgrading an existing ECU (SQ6, MQ12) to a DI compatible platform. This means if you already own an ECU without DI functionality, you do not have to purchase an entirely new ECU in order to run a DI engine.

The standalone DI ECU's (SQ7DI, MQ12DI) offer the full functionality of the IDU injector drivers in a single, neat engine control unit.

The total cost of a DI ECU will be less compared to a PI ECU + IDU, however when you already own one, the ability to upgrade is obviously favourable. The DI functions available in the standalone DI ECU's and the IDU are for all intents and purposes identical. It should be noted however that some I/O functionality is lost with an ECU/IDU setup due to the way in which an IDU interfaces with the ECU.

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