I would like to know if there is a way to activate strategy via Can.
We have independent Powerbox and switch panels and everything is comunicating via can.
I would like to avtivate launch, als and change map with rotary switch with Can messages.
Is there a way or do I have to build up a Can to Analog box to make it work?

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Hi Pourry,

What sort of items are you looking to switch? Is it just the 3 items you mention above?

It is very easy to do with our Cosworth products such as the CAN Switch Board and CAN Junction Boxes.

http://www.cosworth.com/media/451453/29I-620079-P.pdf CSB Product Information Sheet
http://www.cosworth.com/media/451450/29I-620079-U.pdf CSB User Guide

http://www.cosworth.com/media/434921/29I-620065-P.pdf  CJB Product Information Sheet
http://www.cosworth.com/media/451447/29I-620065-U.pdf  CJB User Guide

These items have specific CAN links setup in the ECU software.


These CAN links to our devices have a specific Cosworth CAN Validation Word that is constantly checked between the devices. This is to ensure the integrity of the CAN bus and to make sure that any rogue CAN signals from other devices on the link, poor connections etc do not cause the switches to activate unintended. Especially for items such as shift paddles and ALS etc that might cause potential to damage the engine and transmission if triggered when not requested.

Analogue signals such as your rotary switches are a lot easier to do be default using the Omega Link CAN Expansion options.

Many thanks and best regards.


Cosworth Support
Cosworth Electronics 

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Hello Rob,
thanks a lot for your reply.
I checked the products you send me and I see that they are making analog to CAN.
I need the other way.
On the ECU of our first car we are using switches directly connected to analog input of the ecu to switch on the launch and anti lag.
But on the new car our steering will have instaled a switch panel from another company.
This switch panel is directly sending the switches signal to the can network but I don't know if there is a way to get the ecu receiving from "foreign" instrument.
Is there a way to config the ecu to receive the message or do I have to build up a Can to analogic box to receive from my steering the state of the switch and connect it to the analog input of the ecu?
Or an other way could be to get the same message configuration of pectel on my steering panel...



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