Now we have a Evo 9 with Kaps Sequential gear box with SQ6M Turbo v10.61.0.1 firmware.
We have been running paddle shift system using SQ6M full transmission control, i have try my best to have transmission control dial in, unclutch up shift no problem but still having issue unclutch downshift. 

The paddle system is pneumatic with Holinger Air actuator.

I wonder for a very long time if the control strategies firmware we have not are suitable for unclutch download shift. 

I appreciate if cosworth engineer can point us to right direction. 

Also what is AGS Gearbox?


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Hi Bing,
are you still after support? If so what exactly is the issue?

Best regards
Martin Burmeister

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Martin,  i have the issue resolved..  I forgot what it is already.. LoL..   

Thanks for following up.

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