My SQ6M has been running on my Subaru race car for sometime now. i have an OEM 6 Speed transmission with the OEM vehicle speed sensor, as yet not connected. 

I'm going to wire this into a spare input and use for vehicle speed, (its geared from the front crown wheel). At the moment the only car speed I have is GPS aerial into the AIM dash. 

Does anyone have caltool setup relating to this sensor? I assume its a switched 12v output, but i dont know how to set it up in Caltool, 

Grateful for any assistance! 


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Hi Robbie,

Within CalTool you should setup this sensor as is if it were a front wheel speed sensor. Do this in Hardware Setup > MULTI-FUNCTION INPUT CHANNELS > DIGITAL INPUTS. You will need to enter a wheel diameter and number of trigger teeth into CalTool under 'INPUT FUNCTIONS'. The wheel diameter will of course need to account for the drive ratio. 

Another option would be somewhat simpler. You could enter a number of 10 in the trigger tooth setup, keep this constant and then adjust your wheel diameter so that the CalTool vehicle speed matches your vehicle speed from the GPS. It may be that you will need to increase the number of trigger teeth, but essentially you should be able to get it very close by just calibrating against GPS speed. 

Let me know if you have any problems.

Kind regards,


Cosworth Support
Cosworth Electronics 

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Very helpful, many thanks! 

Once I've made up a little harness to connect to to a spare Dig In, i'll start with that setup and see what happens! 

Thanks again, 
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