What’s the main differences between SQ6 and SQ6M. 

I’m considering buying a SQ6M as a second ECU for my car which is currently fitted with a SQ6. I’ll need to make a harness to suit the plug type but is there anything else that will cause me issues? 

Also, my SQ6 has paddleshift in it - If the SQ6M doesn’t can it be retro fitted? 

Thanks in advance. 

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G&G Motorsport
M has 3 Autosport connectors where as the Non "M" has an OEM 88 way connector (which are getting short in numbers). The paddle shift is a software upgrade and as such can be loaded into either box (for an extra fee). M does have FBW and TC as standard I believe where as Non m does not and is a software upgrade. Making a patch harness will be very difficult as the 88way connector is only available as a header in the ECU side. So it would mean almost certain coprmise from a wiring point of view.  
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Furthermore to the above, you also gain an additional CAN port (3 on SQ6M as opposed to 2 on SQ6) , 2 additional dedicated 12-bit analogue inputs (SQ6 is 10x dedicated) and additional sensor excitations which make loom building a little easier. 

Dual Lambda, 2MB Logging upgrade, FBW and TC are all included FOC out the box on SQ6M.
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