Some questions from a New member here :-) 

I have a SQ6 from 2013 (see Attached pic).
How do I determine which Version this is ?

And can this be used With Caltool or is it Descprow only ?
And what is involved With the Upgrade?

I also heard about some problems converting to Caltool where the SQ6 were "locked" to only the first computer connecting to it. Is this common and have the issue been fixed ?

Thanks a lot.

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Hi.. you need a personality for caltool to function, see software.  you can connect using ethernet you will then get a message informing you which version of code is in the ecu..   By serial number I would guess the code level is high enough for Caltool, In any case I would recommend to upgrade.. I sent you PM so I can send you full instructions.   

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