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I'm looking for some help troubleshooting an intermittent issues with starting the engine.  The ECU is a Pectel SQ6.  The engine is a 2.3 based Ford pinto engine, at 2.6 liters and turbocharged for a drag race application.

1. The first issue is that sometimes the engine does not enter cranking engine mode even though the engine rpm is above the "cranking entry speed".  The engine cranks around 160-180 rpm, and I have the cranking entry speed set to 125 rpm.  This often works, and the car starts up.  Sometimes I can crank and crank and the engine will not fire at all.  When I check the log I see that the engine mode never moved from "0" or "stop" mode.  Not sure if there is a timer or something that can effect the SQ6 from entering cranking mode but I haven't found it. I've attached a log where you can see this example.  "190824-004 Cranking.pds"

2. The second issue is where the ignition timing goes to -90 less than a second after the engine starts.  The engine cranks, fires, enters "run" mode, engine speed comes up to ~1500 rpm right after the start, and then ignition timing goes to -90 and the engines shuts off.  I haven't been able to find any tables or settings that would result in a -90 degree timing.  It seems as if it may be related to the startup rpm flare.  I have been able to turn the issue on/off by adjusting the ABV warmup offset.  More ABV offset results in -90 timing and the engine kills right after it starts.  Less ABV offset and the engine starts but too low of rpm and takes many seconds to settle in at idle, but the ignition timing doesn't go to -90.  I can't seem to find any reason that the ABV settings would result in a -90 timing.  I've attahed a lot where you can see this example.  "190824-006 cranking.pds"

Any help on either of these two issues would be greatly appreciated.  The dataset is also attached.  "190824-001.cds"
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       -90deg in Ignition means that a Ignition Cut has been applied.  
           Having a quick look at your logs and calibration it would seem you may have  an issue with your oil pressure cut.  go to Analogue Sensor Setup, Control Sensors, Engine Oil Pressure, Low Oil pressure engine cut..  Oil Cut Enabled, and set all to Disabled..  Send to Ecu, power cycle and check.. 
           You need to log channels from EOT,  Menu,   MISC, Engine Mode, Active Rev Limit, Active Rev limit source, Active torque limit source, and all the Oil Pressure channels you will see. Log min 10hz.
     1. in the Caltool, if you look below the Calibration Menu, you will see another menu Appearance, Mode etc..   In this you will see Description and beside that some text. Hover your mouse over this text and the full description of the parameter/table or whatever will show and if there are any other channels that effect this strategy or are generated this will also be indicated.
    2.  In EOT go to Tools, Options and check Use abbreviated names in Pi Toolbox,  when sending logging files pretty well nobody used the long file names. I know it will mess your templates, but makes help easier  ;o)

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