I have a Norma M20F (2007) running the honda/montune. When we purchased it 4 years ago, we had to send ECU to IMG_4847.JPG 
montune then cosworth to unlock ECU. That works great! Now we want to communicate with ECU and the motor.
Our laptop says SQ6 N/A-Version we are thinking that we need this version in metafile? can you help us.
Eric McCoy
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Hi emracing,

Are you able to explain what exactly your issue is?

The screenshot that you have uploaded shows that you have communications with the SQ6. The Caltool message is saying that the dataset you have open has 1 or more parameters that is different to that on the device, and also the icon is highlighted with the Red arrow which is used to send the dataset you have open to the SQ6.

You can also patch and live edit with the icon next to it.

If you didn't have comms with the SQ6 then it would be greyed out like in the below screenshot.


Many thanks,


Cosworth Support
Cosworth Electronics 

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