Do you publicly release firmware updates for the SQ6 range of ECU's? Or is it something you deal with on a per-customer basis?

We used the SQ6 and SQ6M at my last job, but they were all running pretty old (like 5+ years) firmware versions. One of the things I wanted to do before I left was get them going on a more recent version, as apparently some CAN profile bugs I was encountering had been ironed out.

Would still be keen to get it sorted if possible, might make any support they need in the future easier too?

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Hi ZacMan,

Typically we deal with this on a per customer basis as depending on what you're going to and from, and also what the project is there can be quite a lot of changes and these that must be adjusted and checked before the dataset can be sent to the ECU.

Also depending on the users ability we generally recommend a version based on their application.

The SQ6(M) Release Notes document can be found here:

Have a read through them and if there is a version you would like to use then get in touch with me and we can make the arrangements.

Many thanks,


Cosworth Support
Cosworth Electronics 

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