Hi to all!


I’ve my SQ6 for some time now, and it’s still working fine, although it has still the (very)old turbo firmware version 2.52.1.


I’ve bought this ECU from a company in Australia, long time ago, but it was Neel Vasavada from ApexSpeed Technology that upgraded the firmware back then, when I could not save my maps due to a bug in the firmware.


As Neel has stopped support for Cosworth(Pectel), I will be happy to know if someone here from the forum could do this for me(although I probably could do it myself, as I have experience in programming Cortex M microcontrollers, but don’t have the software nor firmware files to do it)?


Preferable someone close to Belgium, to reduce shipping costs.


As I’m here now I’ve a second question, but more related to Pi Caltool;

Due to a change of turbo on the engine, I’ve changed some map breakpoints values and size(in the software setup), but now when connected in real time, I don’t have the live cursor anymore in any map, strange. In patching mode, altering the map(s) is still working real time, but no reference cursor..


Does anybody knows what I need to do to get the cursor back?




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Hi,   Re the live cursor  L for lock key..    I have PM'd you on the other topics.

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The L key did it, so simple, although I did look in the help files, must have overlooked it, thanks!
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