we run a session without a lap trigger.

Is it possible to split the outing into laps?

The car has no GPS.
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Hi David,

Yes if you open up your data in Toolbox with a time distance chart, you can right click on the time distance chart and select inset lap marker.

Generally I would look at the damper traces (assuming you have these) and find an area in the data where there is a bump on a straight you can see in the trace every lap. The reason damper traces are good for this is because the bumps don't move, whereas a driver turn in point, braking point etc does move. Don't use bumps on the apex of a corner for your reference as again these can be different lap to lap depending where the driver hits the apex. Using a bump on a straight means you have a common place every lap where you can put your lap marker, meaning you can still do proper lap comparisons even though you didn't have lap markers inserted automatically.

Why didn't you have lap markers inserted automatically anyway? It would be good to make sure we fix the route cause as well if you haven't already. I see you mention that the car hasn't got a GPS fitted, I assume you have an IR beacon receiver fitted?

Many thanks,


Cosworth Support
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Thanks Rob,

i found it.
Good poiint with the look at the dampers.

Thank you very much!
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