Triple One
I am trying to connect to a SQ7 ecu by serial RS232 connection, but without succes. 

I have the following connections:
Db9 pin 2 (RX) to sq7 pin 102 (TX)
Db9 pin 3 (TX) to sq7 pin 108 (RX)
Db9 pin 5 (GND) to sq7 pin 109 (COMMS GND)

I tried with a PC with serial port and one with usb to serial.

Any ideas what could be the issue?

Best regards
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Firstly what software are you using, Caltool, Descprow or EOT.  Are the settings for Serial connection correct.  Also go to firewall and be sure you are allowing the device through, especially EOT.   For Caltool or Descprow if you have all settings correct and no comms then 99% the RS323 comms in the Calibration file will be set to be a datastream such as Stack dash or something like that. This will override the PC COMMS.
What you can try is power off the ecu, start the comms with Descprow/Caltool and then power on the ecu, Older ecu's used to ping for a laptop for a few seconds and then start the selected datastream, not sure that still works.   In any case there is no need, just setup the Ethernet, much faster, superior and easier. There could also be issues with USB adaptors etc etc.  Just take the simple route and use Ethernet.

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