Hi all,

I'm playing with multiple datasets from multiple Cosworth devices with the main purpose of exporting .pds data to .mat format for more sophisticated analysis in Matlab. Is there any way to make that process automated instead of doing it manually? I'd need to process hundreds of .pds files.

I haven't still found any kind of scripting support in Pi Toolbox for doing that. Ideal would be to launch a command line executable that gets input and output files as arguments and exports all channels without launching any GUI element. The executable would be used from a script in my application.

I'm sure they are also others who would be interested in this kind of automated export feature.

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You'll need the DO Wrapper licensed dongle, then you'll be able to automate the process via the data object registry...this allows for direct access to the raw pds files...read, write, etc.

Cosworth should have various support documents which will help identifying the Wrapper classes, for both Matlab as well as C#, etc.

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