does someone knows a software for restore a raw video data?
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Hi, I know of one tool which can be used to extract the video track and sometimes the audio of a .raw file. This program cannot do anything about the data, but the overlays are still there.  
It doesn't work all of the time, but most of the time its possible to get majority of the video. Worth a go. 


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Good afternoon all,

are there any news regarding this topic?

I got a 1.7 Gb .RAW file that cannot be opened or saved as an .mp4 or similar.
When trying to fix it with the software linked above I get a 4 seconds video with some scene of the whole race.
Latest User's guide available to me is Revison 2.1, and it states that "At this time there is no recovery of the raw files", just wondering if there is a more recent version of that, most importantly regarding the .RAW video recovery.

Thanks for your help, and apologies if bothering,
Enjoy your weekend!
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