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My Name is Martin, from Germany and sorry for my english.

I buy, Last year a Omega D4 Seriealnr. 1146
This year I finally wired the display and the display says "no setup"

I have in my Laptop (with RS 232) this Programm "pitools" downloaded and installet, but my Dash und the Laptop Do not communicate with each other. The Pin RX and TX are on the pin 2 & 3 but nothing happened.The program PI Tools does not recognize my dash. Can you please help me? Can you tell me what to do? So that it understands a monkey? I'm the Monkeys (LOL)
Thanks and greeting

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Hi Martin,

omega D4 displays are setup and configured through toolset and via Ethernet.
What do you have conected to the Dash? What kind of Sensors or which ecu?
Do you want to use it for displaying purpose only or also for logging?


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