I just receive my dongle for my LMP2 (v. 2017).
The manufacturer of the car send me a workbook so I can start with something but I can't open it.

The error say that the workbook may be damaged or contain unlicenced features but ee try my dongle on the manufacturer computer and it works well with the workbook.
I also try a workbook for an other car on my computer (Formula Renault) and it works well.

I have Windows 10 x64, but I have Pi Toolbox Pi Toolbox 7.3(824) in 32bit. Maybe it come from there.

Do you have any idea that I can try in order to open the workbook?
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Hi ddje,

Your dongle might require an update to support the newer version of Toolbox. Please could you private message me with the .pwb workbook file and the dongle name and I can test it on my PC and supply you the files required to update the dongle.

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As I said in the private message I can't send you the workbook as it's confidential.

It's very strange problem, I checked on an other computer with windows 10 x64 and everything works fine (same dongle/same version).
The only difference I found is the Pi Data Acccess version. How can I update that?

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