Hi Cosworth,

I have purchased an upgrade for my Porsche 991 and have followed the instructions.

I have updated the Variant of the ICD from ICD-P to ICD-P Cup with the token I recieved and have sent in the new ICD P-CUP setup.

I can now see Brake Pressure and Steering Angle on my display, but the numbers are reading wrong, can I reset these?

Steering angle is reading -287 degrees when the wheel is straight, and Brake pressures are reading with an offset.

Also, I saw that there is an Improved Qualifying Mode. Where is this improvement? and how do I make use of it? Our drivers could do with some help [tongue]

Quote from ICD-P to ICD P-CUP Topic

"Within the regulation of Porsche CUP series it is possible to upgrade your ICD-P to a higher specification (ICD-PCUP) to include;

  • Brake Pressure Front and Rear sensors display and logging
  • Steering Angle sensor display and logging
  • Improved Qualifying mode display using a reference lap
  • Faster logging rates for core channels
  • More logging memory to 128 Mbytes"

Thanks a lot


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Hello Ruprecht,

With the Brake Pressure and Steering Angle on the display showing a value that is not zero.
If you've not done so you will need to zero the offset on those sensors.
To do this please connect to the ICD,
In Actions, select
2.Channel Group and
3.Zero button.

It is not necessary to send setup afterwards.
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Here is a quick overview on the Q mode improvement.
With the ICD connected please select Actions
1. Select Qualifying mode from the list on the left side
2. Select which mode you want to use, the additional mode is to use a PDS file as a reference
3. With the PDS reference mode selected you will need to load a PDS file
4. Once loaded Toolset will choose the fastest lap automatically but it is also possible to choose another lap.
5. One really important thing is to click the 'write to device' button at the very bottom - easy to forget.

There is a Q mode user guide on the Toolset User Guide topic here;

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With regards to Qualifying Mode, which mode would you suggest to use? or is it really a matter of driver preference?
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Qualifying mode can be useful in a number of ways.

1. Learning Mode
Available to everyone, this mode is perfect for a new track where you have no previous data for. You will need to reset the learning mode via Actions in Toolset and this will tell the dash to remove its previous learnt lap and start afresh. The dash will measure the distance from beacon to beacon to devise the length of the track (1st flying lap), it will take the next lap to divide the distance into timed segments (2nd flying lap) and from the 3rd flying lap onwards is able to show time gain or loss as a cumulative on the red/green bar graph on page 2. If the lap is faster it will replace the reference lap and so will keep pace with your progress through the day. Until the Q mode is reset from the Actions tab this learnt lap will remain in the dash and will only report time gain / loss if the measured distance is within a few % of the learnt lap.

2. Distance Based - PDS File Reference
Available with the CUP upgraded dashes, this mode works best when you have a particular lap that you would like to use a reference. This could be;
  • race pace lap - helps with consistency with endurance races, a drumbeat as it were
  • a qualifying lap - last years qualifying time
  • a professional drivers lap - second driver can use the faster drivers lap
  • a full tank fuel lap - setup work

Tips and tricks
My dash is not updating

Easily forgotten in learning mode - remember to 'write to device' which resets the Q mode when you go to a new track, the measured distance needs to be close to the learnt lap distance to update. So if the learnt lap was early in the day at a new track it may be that the lap needs re-learning for the new distance.

My dash is updating too fast
Times are updated at the end of every segment and the number of segments is under your control. The higher the number of segments the more often the update happens. There is a max of 128 segments which for a long lap is probably ok, but for a short lap is probably updating the number on the dash too quickly and could benefit from using much fewer segments.

My dash is updating erratically
It could be that the reference lap is based on a lap that is not consistent, for example a short cut, a mistake on one corner that makes the distances not compare well to the current lap. Choose the reference PDS lap carefully with the same racing line to get the distance as comparable as possible.
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