Please use the documents provided for assistance with your GT3 Cup car. If you require any further help then please post a new topic with your questions.

1. AliveDrive User Guide

2. Porsche Channels

3. Qualifying Mode

4. ICD Dash Layout


Within the regulation of Porsche CUP series it is possible to upgrade your ICD-P to a higher specification (ICD-PCUP) to include;

  • Brake Pressure Front and Rear sensors display and logging
  • Steering Angle sensor display and logging
  • Improved Qualifying mode display using a reference lap
  • Faster logging rates for core channels
  • More logging memory to 128 Mbytes
Please note the sensors will need to be purchased from Porsche.

To order this upgrade to your ICD-P please contact us using the link below

Please see attached document providing instructions for how to complete this upgrade.
Cosworth Support
Cosworth Electronics
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