New to the Clio Cup this year and having some difficulties retrieving the data from the car as Pi Toolset crashes and needs to restart whenever the cable is plugged into the vehicle.

After many attempts I have achieved a connection twice.

However the race scrutineers have no problem connecting, which suggests there must be an issue with my laptop, or at least the software on my laptop.

Could anyone please offer some help?

Attached is one of the error log files.
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Hi BLG Racing,

Sorry to hear you're having an issue. Please can you provide us with the version of Toolset that you are using?

Many thanks,

Cosworth Support
Cosworth Electronics
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Thanks for the response.

After trying a few different IP addresses, and disabling Windows Firewall (as suggested by another forum member), the software was still closing whenever it was connected to the vehicle.

As a last resort, I downloaded the software again and reinstalled it; now it seems to work OK.

It is frustrating that there was no obvious fault; I personally like to understand why something does not work as it should. However, I am now thankful it is functioning correctly.
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