Having just downloaded PI toolset, I try too install it but receive an error message saying that a more recent version is already installed, however the only version of the software that I already have is version 1.3 which I need for another car? Is there anyway too get round this? Thanks
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Hi AaronW,

You will need to install them into different directories if you are using Toolset 1 as well. You can do this as part of the installation wizard where you decide the folder location.

You might need to install Toolset 5 first and then your old Toolset 1 (this is what I have done with Toolset 1 in a folder on my desktop, I can't remember personally trying Toolset 5 etc after already having Toolset 1 installed) Toolset 5 installs it's own library, sensor, log file locations etc so I'm not sure how happy this is if you install it in a foreign folder location so to speak without trying it out (away from my laptop at present) But if you install Toolset 5 and then Toolset 1 to a folder in your desktop you'll be fine.

It is worth checking your Windows add and remove programs to see what Windows detects you have installed just in case.

Many Thanks,


Cosworth Support
Cosworth Electronics 

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Hi Rob,

Question is it possible to view or download the total engine hours for a vehicle with Pi-Toolset?

Kind Regards

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I have changed computer and i re running toolset 5.3 on but now when i put a new configuration of gps map to prepare my race, i lost a part of display on the car screen (Neutral, RPM, Speed etc). I haven't lost engine datas (Oil Pressure, Water temp etc).
Can you help me please ?
Kind regards
Vortex Team
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