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As part of the Windows 10 Version 1803 update rolled out by Microsoft, this removed some of the background information needed to run the field updates to extend the Toolbox Pro Dongle license period.

The problem shows when you try to run the field update file, you receive an error message stating that "A valid dongle must be present in the Parallel or USB Port" even though the dongle is valid and detected by Toolbox, Toolset and the Dongle Identifier tool.

To fix this, there is an update to the Pi Field Update Dongle Tool which will also be rolled out in future versions of Toolset.

The Pi Field Update tool can be found in the following link.

Make sure all Cosworth software is closed and then simply run the Setup executable and follow the instructions on the install wizard.

Now if you run the field update again if it is correct and matches your dongle you will get the field update successful message.

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Could this also explain why Pi Data Object, a.k.a., PiDOWrapper, versions V3, V4 and V5, do not work in W10 V1803 and newer?  The following code throws error 

PIDO_E_NO_DONGLE-2147483383You do not have a valid dongle connected so the operation is not allowed.

Is there a fix?

My VBA code...

Set objWrapper = CreateObject("PiDataObject.PiDOWrapper")
Set objFile = objWrapper.OpenFile(strFileName, 1)

The objWrapper is created, but the above error occurs on the next line trying to open or create a file.  The same error occurs regardless of the type of access being requested; i.e., Read-only, Write a new file, or Read and write a file.  This code ran fine until the V1803 update.

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