Hi there I hope you can help me with my issue.
Today I was on PI toolbox, making up a workbook when the program froze. It asked me to restart the application so I did, it reopened the program. After this I noticed a yellow triangle icon appear in the bottom right hand corner. I filled in my email address and smptserver address as asked and pressed send, it flashed a few times and it's still here.
I take it the report has not sent
Hope you can help. 


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Sending error reports is something we would encourage as this helps our software team to identify and develop bug fixes for future software releases. The report doesn't actually do anything on your machine.

If you navigate to the “C:\Pi Research\Toolbox\Bug Reports” folder and look at the files in there, they will give you some indication as to what the error was resulting in the program crash. Deleting the files will cause the yellow error triangle will disappear.

Note: There may be multiple Bug Reports folders in the Pi Research directory, there will be one for each software package (ie. Pi Toolbox, Pi CalTool, etc.) and a 'Data Access' folder. Usually one yellow triangle will appear for each folder location.

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