An issue with Pi has appeared out of the blue.  It seems when Pi is opened the application will crash after selecting either default or blank workstation templates.  Has anyone experienced this? Below are screenshots of error message as well as event viewer details...

pi error.jpg

pi error 3.jpg  pi error 2.png    

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Harry @ PRAGA Cars
Yup, I´m having same (or similar) issue. I´m not able to run Toolbox with my dongle. Lite version works. Once I use with dongle my saved workbook cannot be openned. When try to use blank one, Toolbox crashes, very frustrating. However I use the 7.3 version, not 9.1.  Win 10 Pro 1903
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Hi Both, 

Has this started happening since your 2020 expiry update? 

Can you download and run this Sentinel driver package?

Please also check

Latest Toolbox V9.2 Download
Latest Toolbox V9.1 Download

Thanks Andrew
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