This Topic is to notify software releases for Pi Toolbox and a brief description of changes in that release.

Please find the link below for the latest release of Pi Toolbox.

Pi Toolbox (7.3.824.2) -

Previous Versions
Pi Toolbox now supports connecting to and displaying data from applications such as Pi Toolset that use a new direct (non-broadcast) telemetry mechanism.

Pi Toolbox now supports Cosworth aliveDrive recordings created using Cosworth's new Performance Data Recorder (PDR).

V6.3.332.2 (Release)

This Version requires Windows Vista or later.

Fix: Protected channels fail to display in Pi Toolbox for some users and require Pi Toolbox to be restarted.

V6.3.332.1 (Release)

The last version that supports Windows XP

Fix: Crash starting Pi Toolbox after upgrade from 6.1.

V6.3.332.0 (Release)

V6.3.331.0 (Beta)

Increased the limit on the number of worksheets that can be used in Pi Toolbox Lite from 1 to 6. 

Engine Test outings now produce hidden "Warm-Up Events" regions to make it easier to locate the actual channel data when a box has been left idle for a long time. 

Cast math operators produce odd results when provided with very large values.


V6.2.328 (Beta)

Fix: Lockup when browsing a pds file with a specific long comment string. 

The Excel Samples Files have been removed from the CD Images as these no longer work with any version of Excel.


6.2.327 (Beta)

Fix: The Standard Map is being reported as an Add-In. 

Fix: Workbook is corrupted if the Standard Map is selected for use as an Add-In. 

Fix: VIDS2 data playback freezes after ~5s in distance mode. 

Fix: Can't set the Header Font for the Channel Display Control from Pi Diablo. 

Updated to DAE 5.8 (Released). 

Updated to Core PC Libraries 3.9 (Released). 

Updated to Data Analysis Libraries 3.4 (Released).

Cosworth Support
Cosworth Electronics
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