Jones M/Sport
       We are in the process of getting a 1993 BTCC Schnitzer BMW Super Tourer back on track and the PI system IV dash LCD display is in need of repair . the LCD is faded for want of a better term . 
the part number on the unit is ;152-001
the serial number is ; 1520 
if someone could contact myself it would be appreciated .
Thanks Jason 
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Tom R
Hi Jason,
I don't have that display but I can repair it.  I also have a Pi System 4+ display, p/n 032002. It's a Pro dash display which will work with your software. The dash has an RPM scale of 9500 RPM.  Let me know if you are interested, otherwise I can repair your current dash.  Please contact me with your email address and I can respond directly.  thanks.
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