We put back on the track a race car from the end of the 90's, equiped with a PI system 1 box.
As we want to keep it in the same state, we try to find a software able to communicate with a PI system 1 box sn 12104.
At the time the software was running on Windows 95, the computer, we have been using at the time has scratched on restart.
Is it possible to find a software able to be run on a more recent system from Windows XP to the latest one?

Thank you for your help

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Please find below the software for the System 1.

These are now obsolete products and we are not able to service the units or develop the software.

To be able to connect to your box you will need a license file based on the SN of your unit. Cosworth cannot produce these files anymore. You need to pull this from the original software CD supplied with the unit, or a PC that has been used to offload the system before.

Best Regards,
Cosworth Support
Cosworth Electronics
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Tom R

I'm new to this forum and just going through the posting now. If you still need the license file for your Pi system 1, let me know. I can create these and email it. I can also help with any questions on the Pi 1 or any other older Pi system.  Thanks.

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