I have unearthed at my factory a set of Pi Research laser ride height sensors with junction box - presumably CAN. Cosworth aren't able to provide me with a datasheet, these are from 2001. Is anybody able to provide any specific info relating to these sensors/junction box? A pinout or datasheet are what I'm in need of. See pictures:
IMG_3442.jpg  IMG_3443.jpg  IMG_3445.jpg  IMG_3446.jpg  IMG_3447.jpg  IMG_3448.jpg    
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IIRC, those weren't CAN, the last connector has 0-5v analog out pins. At that point systems hadn't evolved to user configurable CAN sensor nodes. 
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As said above, these are a 0-5v output rather than CAN.

Not sure who you spoke to before about info but here is the datasheet attached.
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