I had just upgrade from D2 to D4, i wonder if any one have SQ6M CAN communication setup template for toolset.


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Hi Brian,

I have attached a .tlf file which contains the Pi Omega Link CAN Stream which can be imported directly into Pi Toolset. This will allow any Cosworth unit configured in this manner to decode the Channels TX from the Pectel SQ6(M).

You will need to place the attached SQ6ECU_v11-07_Decode_V0a.tlf in the correct location on your PC for Pi Toolset to be able to import into a setup. Download the .tlf from this post and save it to the following location.

"C:\Pi Research\Toolset\Library"

This location may vary depending on your version of Windows or Pi Toolset. If you get stuck, please tell me your Windows OS (7, 8 , 10 etc.) and Pi Toolset version and I can point you in the right direction.

To import the .tlf

In Pi Toolset, go to the Streams node and select Import > Stream as shown in the image below. Select the SQ6ECU_v11-07_Decode_V0a.tlf in the file explorer. Your setup will then contain the Channel decodes for the SQ6(M)


Note: This .tlf CAN Stream can decode any of the Cosworth range of ECUs, including the SQ6(M), SQ7Di, MQ12 and MQ12Di, however there are slight variations between the ECU platforms which may result in incorrect channels or values.

I hope this helps. Let me know if I can help with anything else.

Thanks and kind regards,


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Thanks for looking into this.  Its is what i needed exactly.


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