Hello all,

I currently have a binary time history dataset that I'd like to view in Toolbox. The written script works for other individuals but not myself. The .PDS file is created, has headers and channel descriptions but no data. I have isolated it to an error within the PI DO Wrapper but do not understand what it could mean and why it's happening on my personal machine vs others. Again, the file is being written so the Wrapper is able to create and write something to the *.pds file but it stalls when trying to add the actual data. There doesn't seem to be any support documentation written for this type of error in regards to the Wrapper. 

For those of you who have experience with the PI DO Wrapper, I'm getting this error locally while other users do not get the same error. This error is from the console/shell while executing a Python script.

File "<COMObject PiDataObject.PiDOChannel>", line 2, in AddAPeriodicDataBlock
TypeError: Internal error - the buffer length is not the sequence length!
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