Somebody can help me?

I can't talk to the logger. I checked the pinout and I have no signal on pin # 29.
I try to find the reason.

Any body have an idea, suggestion?

Is it possible to get the drawing of the PI Delta logger loom?

This is all serial numbers:
Loom # 03A03183-A
Logger # 01D-163010 S/No. 2139  Iss. 1/6  CODE 3.24  TESTED 15-May-03  2139

Thank you!

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Hi Martin

Take a look here:


The pin outs for the delta start on page 47, with page 49 probably the one you are looking for.

Good luck - let us know if you resolve your issue.

Cosworth Support
Cosworth Electronics 

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I'm getting a 'Page not found' error when I follow that link, or any other link to a file within http://www.cosworth.com/media/.

Can you please confirm if there is a server-side error, or if this documentation has actually been taken offline?
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Hi Martin,

We have just created a new area for the Delta Products range, we have moved your post to this location. The Delta Hardware user guide that will contain the pinout has been uploaded to the area under the Delta Product area.

Hope this helps?

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