I have two Pectel T6 ecus serial numbers 2073/2030. They came fron AER (advanced engine reserch ltd) in 2003 as part of 30 ecu's used in the spanish Telefonica open wheel series. They came with a copy of Descpro with Telefonica loggo's, which of course no longer works on my new laptop. I have caltool running and a Pectel external customer personality which the message not authorised for this ECU appears.
Is there a personality avalible for these ECU's? or do I need a software rest? if so who do I send it to and whats the cost.
Also which program can I use to assess the data logger etc.

cheers, Brendon

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Milan Spicak
Hi Dpams5k,

The T6 ECUs are now obsolete Pectel products and unfortunately no longer supported by Cosworth and cannot by programmed in CalTool.

Many thanks and best regards,


Cosworth Support
Cosworth Electronics 

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