Hello All,

Currently have a Nismo T6 ecu with PI logger system.

Can the T6 ECU do communications via can, or is access to changes only through serial? Currently the ecu has both can and serial outputs. It appears the logger and ecu is linked via can, would connecting via can enable me to communicate with both units?

I also have the software, however the setup is on a win95 laptop, is it possible to use a more modern laptop and transfer the config/developer file across to this? Is there a usb or serial cable for more modern laptops?

The current cable i have uses a parallel style laptop plug, "PPCAN Adaptor" "I/M 2/B". Would anyone have the wiring or pinout for this generation of adaptor also?

Many thanks.
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Hi.. Usually on these the calibration/ECU internal logger setup was done via RS232 serial. usually the car had a 6mm stereo jack for laptop comms, that was a normal standard across the field.  DescproW will work on all systems inc Windows 10.. the software you have will probably be Descpro (no W)  doesnt matter i can dropbox you.  Descprow works best on Windows 10 or XP..   But if you have Pi system xx loggers you will need to use the win 95 for the logger software.   PPCan will only work with windows systems up to XP.. After that windows does not support Parallel port.  You would need a USB PiCan comms cable which is not £2.50!! 
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