Peter Darlow
Good Afternoon please can I be provided with the software for the Pectel T3 puma ecu 

Finis 9097 307 
Date 10/99
SN 0054


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The T3 is a very old unsupported ECU and is only available with our old obsolete Desc software package.

Depending on what machine you are using you may need to play around with the Windows compatibility mode or run a virtual XP machine for it to work.

When you connect to the ECU it will require a profile for you to be able to read the maps out. If you can send me a screenshot of what it comes up with then I can find the matching profile for you.

A link to the Desc software can be found below, simply copy the whole folder to your machine and run the .exe

Cosworth Support
Cosworth Electronics
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Tangent Engineering
As the ECU has a Finis number it will be on a Ford Developer version of DescproW, and also a Ford Dongle. 

To beanle to to get this you would need to have permission from Ford Motor Company. 

The T3 is a very old ECU. You would be better off upgrading to an SQ6, if you have any issues with this ECU you will not be able to get it repaired as a lot of the components are obsolete. 
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