hello and good afternoon guys 

little background on my status 

ive recently bought an MK2 mazda rx7 fc3s fitted with a 2000 mondeo zetec thats been rebuilt from bottom up and turbo'd 

the car is running a Pectal T2 ecu 

i haven't had the car long but im working through things bit by bit as it was clased as unfinished when i bought it and the more time i spend with the car the more i am loosing faith in the previous owners ability to put together a solid reliable car (thrown together springs to mind) or its just my standards are higher than his everybody is different 

anyways the reason for my post is that the car is now going into a limp mode, once the car reaches boost it then restricts the car to where it wont allow boost to come in again.

basically i need to speak to the car an d find out if the ECU is showing any faults

can someone firstly let me know if the ECU will do this ?

secondly what do i need to download to allow a connection ?

thank you for reading this 

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Hi Billy

Where are you located?

The T2 is an unsupported product now, but one of our many worldwide dealers may be able to assist you.

It is likely there will be a communication port somewhere on the car - this is probably a Lemo, ASL or RJ45 connector.

It is worth having the serial number of your T2 to hand as well.
Cosworth Support
Cosworth Electronics
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Hi thanks for the response 

i have a cable coming from the ecu which has a connector like a serial port style on the end 

i would entertain the thought of changing the ecu tbh if i could get one that is easily supported and i would ideally like the option of running a replacement dash, the car does deserve it because it does have great potential and i refuse to throw it together BUT budget obviously comes into it with the purchasing of the ecu and then the setting up through a tuning specialist is a scary figure. 

How difficult am i going to find working with this T2 ?

what replacements would you recommend on a 2.1 zetec turbo conversion ?

thank you for the help 

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Hi, I have sent you a PM..
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