Hi all,
Pretty new to toolset so would appreciate some help if possible.

I wandered if anyone had any useful expressions that I could "plug in" to my workbook to easily highlight oversteer (and how much), understeer and diff status (on, off etc)

I sadly don't have the access to a yaw sensor, though I do have x and y acceleration (g) steering angle sensors (deg) and wheel speed sensors.

Any help of an expression that work well would be great [smile]

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you can calculate the corner radius with speed and acc_y:

r_car = (speed [m/s] * speed [m/s]) / acc_y [m/s^2]

or from the wheelspeed (work only for left or right corners)

b = wheel_with (distance from the left to the right wheel (rear))

r_car = b / (outer_wheel_speed / inner_wheel_speed -1) + (b /2)

you can calculate the steered angle from the steering angle. you need to know the motion ratio from steering_angle to the steered_angle (wheel angle)

steered_angle = steering_angle * motion_ratio

r_steered = wheel_base (distance front to rear wheel) / steered_angle

then you can comprare this angles...

status = r_car - r_steered

status > 0  = understeer
status near 0 = neutral
status < 0 = oversteer

or so... [biggrin]

what does the profis think about this?

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