I am a university student currently in charge of managing and configuring a Pectel SQ6 and Omega D4 dash to our Formula Student car.

One of the issues I am having is showing the gear number on the dash, the dash can pick up wheel speed from the ECU as well as engine speed, and the gear ratios have been set in the ECU. however I am not sure of the next step to actually display the gear number on the dash.

The previous student wired the dash to the ECU using a CAN connection, and the dash is configured through PI Toolset. From my own research I have found it may be better using a serial connection between the ECU and dash and having the dash run fully in SQ6 defined mode, would this be true for our setup?

Finally, this was all passed over to me from a previous student and I feel as I am missing something obvious, when the dash starts I seem to be unable to go into setup regardless of how long I hold the blue and grey buttons, does anyone have a solution for this?

Thanks in advance for any help that can be offered!

Kind Regards,

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Hi Mo

The answers to all of this depend on what type of Omega Dash you are running. You have said that it is a D4, but the D4 doesn't use the buttons to change the setup configuration of the display. The buttons on a D4 are user defined within Toolset for functions such as an alarm acknowledge or page change. The best way to determine this is to get the part number, which is located on the back of the dash on a small silver sticker.

In most circumstances I would recommend using CAN rather than serial communication, as depending on which dash it is, you will have more flexibility in what you can display and do with the dash.

Once you know the part number we can help you out with the problems you're having.

Kind Regards

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Additionally, do you see the gear number in the ECU?  Which gear channels correctly and successfully show gear number from an SQ6 logged dataset?


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Hi Eliott and MF,

Thanks for the reply's, the information on the sticker at the back of the dash is as follows:

Omega Dash
Issue/Mod 2/1
Serial Number 1170

Also MF, since I've had the wheel speed sensors working, and the gear ratios in the ECU we have not actually run the car live (we are limited as a team to run the car on test days only so a lot of the work has to be done while the car is static). I can't see a gear number anywhere in the ECU however although I'm not sure where I should be looking either to be honest!

Thanks again for your help,
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Hi Mo,

if holding the two bottom buttons down does not trigger the config mode, you need Toolset to configure the dash. If you get this setup up on your PC and connect to the dash you can pull the D4 configuration off it and look at what has been done. If the gear number is transmitted correctly by the ECU (is there a gear position sensor wired?) then you should be able to find the channel "gear" or some variation of that in the setup and populate the gear number field with that. Latest downloads for Toolset can be found here on the forum. 
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