Hi, all!

I recently purchased a second hand Omega D3. It was working fine the day I bought, but I left it sitting for a couple of months. I finally got the project going and finished its wiring harness, but to my surprise it won't start up anymore.
The shift light module lights up, and so does the backlight (purple, not blue) some of the digits turn on, but with no logical sequence. I uploaded the following video of it:

Here are the things I've checked or tried:
  • Power source is 11.7 V or higher;
  • I tried hooking up power source only, to exclude the possibilty of a short circuit;
  • No communication with PC;
  • No response to pressing buttons, or factory reset procedure;
Any suggestions? What could it be? It looks like the booting system is corrupted for some reason.

Some possible helpful information: the previous owner was using the unit on a home racing simulator, with signals emulated from a Arduino board. Also, the first time a tried to turn the unit on, was with a 9V battery, don't know if that could damage the unit or clear its memory. 

Thanks a lot!

Felipe Faria
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G&G Motorsport
Did you sort this?
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Sadly not. I'm in contact with folks from Cosworth and they have been very supportive. They asked me to try a couple of things but we weren't able to find the problem. I'm sending the unit to them in UK and I'll post an update here if they find the problem/solution.
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