I am getting a ridiculous amount of what I am guessing is noise in my rpm traces.  Looking for some suggestions to clean this up so i can get accurate readings.  

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Hi u11racing, 
          Need more info please. What is the logging device, what method are you using for downloading the data?  I have seen this on ECU logging from EOT when customer uses RS232 download cable with USB adaptors.   If you have an ICD and ethernet download, could be some IP conflict in your laptop or bad connection in your download cable or wiring loom, somewhere between Laptop and device..  As your post is in ICD I will assume you have an ICD.  I suggest trying the following.. 
1. Try different laptop if possible.
2. Try different download cable.
3. Reconstruct your logging template and resend to device. (Just send RPM and a few basic channels to test)
4. Check all wiring connections.
5. Does this occur when downloading with engine running, try without engine running and compare in case there is some noise somewhere to the Ethernet cable.
6. Are you using Cosworth Omega CAN Template to receive? From what device are you getting the RPM signal, is there any other devices on the CANbus, if no other channels than RPM are being corrupted then you could have an ID conflict. RPM is in 0x170h Check any other devices on the bus. 
6. What is the serial number of the ICD. Early ones had an issue with the internal logging card coming loose and logging being corrupted, but usually more than one channel is corrupted or the connection fails. For this problem you will need to contact Cosworth directly with the serial number to confirm this.

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