Shuma- gorath
Hi, i just picked up a 09 yamaha r1 that came with an sq6 ecu but it was not installed on the bike. If its possible can someone tell me something about the ecu. The serial number is 
Sn 1734 iss 1/13
Tested prt dec 11

One other thing, i want to connect to the ecu with a ethernet cable.
I downloaded the caltool file and the 2019 personality. 
I put the 2019 personality file in the caltool personality folder. Now do i have to click on the personality every time i open caltool? Will i be able to connect with the ecu now to get the info to get a metafile or do i have to do anything else?

One last thing. Would anyone happen to have a base map for the 09-14 yamaha r1 or would i have to make one from scratch?  
Thanks for all the help. 
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    You only have to activate the Personality once.  You need Cosworth IP for ethernet settings. When you connect you will get a message that will inform you what version of firmware is in the ecu, from there we can find a metafile.

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