I want to use CalTool with my SQ6, and what I can read from others, I would need a metafile. Where can I get that?

Is there a newer firmware update for this ECU? 

Ljupco Trajkovski.
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Ok, got the ECU updated to the latest firmware SQ6V11-16, and got the necessary files for using with CalTool. .... but I have some strange problem now.

I connect with CalTool to the ECU, everything ok, but if I update anything, a value in the map and send to ECU (F4 - Send to ECU), I can't get the communication back with the ECU. The journal in CalTool is showing that a corrupted package is received.

Then I start OffloadTool, it connects without any problem, then I disconnect from OffloadTool and reconnect to CalTool, and the communication is back again, until I do the same with CalTool as just described.

In short if I send something to the ECU with CalTool (F4 - Send to ECU), it updates the ECU with the changes, and when it's done, I loose the communication, and can only restore it back by connecting with EOT (Offload Tool). I have tried to recycle ECU power, same thing.

I use RS232, no USB, just straight from the computers RS232 DB9 port. Win10 x64. It works without any problem with DescProW and OffloadTool, also with the latest firmware.

Any ideas ???

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Hi Ljupco

Please PM me the dataset (.cds file) and I will investigate.



Cosworth Support
Cosworth Electronics 

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