Hi all,

I have two Pectel T6 ECU's that I run in my Formula Atlantic race car. One of the ECU's is running version 3-46 firmware and is mapped for the car. This ECU will run the car but for some reason it will not communicate with DescproW. This ECU is unlocked and just recently stop communicating with DescproW when I try to look at it through the 1/4" TRS jack.  Anyone have any thoughts here?

The second ECU came from a Porsche Cup car, is unlocked and was remapped for my car but has never run my car.  It is running version 3-32 firmware and I can't figure out for the life of me how to setup the crank sensor (inductive) as it does not have a dropdown menu for defining the trigger wheel like version 3-46 does. Can anyone help here?

I know that Cosworth no longer supports these ECU's but was hoping this board might be able to help out.

Thank you in advance for any thoughts/suggestions!

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The first one ecu turning on the engine???the second ecu that you have this firmwere might not support change of trigges as standar 36
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All solved..  
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